Student’s Enrollment

When a new student decides to admit to GAI, there are set of requirements he/she needs to accomplish. At first, the student undergoes an interview with the Coordinator to check his communication skills and learning capabilities. Afterwards, an Entrance Exam in major subjects is taken depending on the grade level and age of the student applying. This process would be obstructed if the student fails to meet the required average. On the other hand, the student follows a set of procedures if she/he passes the examination, as below:

  • The Control Department checks for Coordinator’s signature on the exam paper to validate the coordinators approval of the student’s acceptance.
  • Parents are asked to complete the File Certificate Requirements (Application Form, ID of passport, Passport copies, Telephone Numbers, Location, Checklist of documents and etc…..)
  • The Accounting Department hereby issues, a code number for the new student and sends it to the Archive Department after receiving the necessary tuition fees from his/her guardians.
  • The Archive Department saves the entire student’s information (grade, code number, section) in the data system where this will be used in all official documents and updated yearly.